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Our Services - Platelet-Rich Plasma

An innovated healing process is available for individuals who suffer from chronic foot and ankle problems such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendinitis, neuroma (nerve pain), joint pain (arthritis) and soft tissue and tendon injuries.

Autologous blood products have created a growing interest for use in a number of orthopaedic therapies. The healing effects of plasma are supported by growth factors released by platelets. These growth factors induce a healing process wherever they are applied.

Features and Benefits:
  • The autologous blood product is a cost effective method of concentrating growth factors for therapeutic use.
  • Producing ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma can be performed within minutes compared to typical platelet rich plasma (PRP) systems which take up to 45 minutes to process.
  • The ACP System can be used in a clinic or under sterile conditions in an OR setting. The unique double syringe design allows for convenient and safe handling, as the whole preparation process takes place in a closed system.

The Procedure Involves:

A Double Syringe System is used to obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, which is then re injected to promote the healing of the injured tissue.

After the blood is drawn from your arm, it is placed in a centrifuge that rotates at high speed, separating red blood cells from the platelets that release proteins and other particles involved in the body's self healing process. Once separated, the healing platelet cells from the red blood cells are then injected back into the patient's injury site. This accelerates the body's healing process.

In recent years there have been rapid developments in the use of growth factors for accelerated healing of injury.

Growth factors are released from the platelets which are found in the blood stream and influence the biological process necessary for repair of soft tissues such as muscle, tendon and ligament following acute traumatic or overuse injury. The best way of delivering higher doses of growth factors to injured tissue is to inject at the site of the injury. The most common technique is known as autologous blood injection. Results are very promising in terms of earlier return to play following muscle and tendon injury. This treatment has been shown to be effective in healing stubborn injuries. It appears to be a better option for problems that don't have a great solution

It's nonsurgical, safe and uses the body's own cells to help it heal!

Are you a Candidate for ACP?

Most likely; however, it will require an examination to determine if the use of ACP will benefit you based on your injury. For more information, please call Jonathan M. Kletz, D.P.M. at (214) 340-8885 to discuss this treatment or you may visit www.orthoillustrated.com to learn more about the process.

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