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Ballet and Trigger Toes

Trigger toes is a foot condition commonly found in dancers. This happens when the big toe becomes permanently flexed due to an injury to the tendon controlling the toes movement. A ballerina’s big toe is constantly under pressure to support the body’s weight. Load bearing is normally distributed over the structures of the feet. But when a ballerina performs the “en pointe” or a position where the ballerina stands or pivots only using the big toe, the likelihood of suffering from a big toe injury is almost certain.

Symptoms of a Trigger Toe

 Not being a ballet dancers does not make immune from trigger toes. The mechanisms that trigger the development of the foot condition can be easily replicated in our daily activities. Pain when performing the en pointe or when standing on your toes can be an early indication of trigger toes. 

The severity of pain increases as the condition progresses. Other symptoms include a “clicking” sensation in the big toes. It’s like the toes are locked that we are unable to move it from that position.  When this happens, a visit to the podiatrist is advised. Dr. Jonathan Kletz is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with trigger toes. 

Treatment and Management

There are a variety of non-surgical treatments available for managing trigger toes. Conservative treatments such as the application of ice or taking NSAIDS for reducing pain and swelling. Foot strengthening exercises are advised especially for beginners. Training exercises to prepare the feet and toes for the difficult movements required in ballet is essential in avoiding any foot injury. Another simple way of reducing pain episodes and preventing further injury to the feet is to lose weight. A simple weight management program is a great way of reducing the pressure being passed to your toes. If conventional treatment proves ineffective, surgery is advised. 

Ballet is a dance that requires strength and elegance. And performing the en pointe is one movement that embodies both these qualities. But sadly, this is also the leading cause of trigger toes which makes it almost impossible for ballerinas to avoid trigger toes. 

Texas Foot Works located in Dallas, Athens and Gun Barrell City, TX, we specialize in helping people with trigger toes.  To schedule an appointment, call 214-340-8885. 

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